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    Oh Stacy, I remember this being discussed at the forums and how upsetting it was. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend.

    What that people did is wrong, wrong, wrong. How can they sleep at night? I wish I still had some contact with Mia's birthmother, but I understand why she made the decision she did.

    I think about her every single day and say a little prayer that she is happy and healthy and doing okay. But I still miss her and wish I could just say hello once in a while. She was my friend, you know?

    A special prayer for Cindy.


    We all loved the same woman, we all grieve the same friend. We all feel the same loss, and sadly, the same guilt.

    Cindy Jordan, may you rest in piece.

    Thank You Stacy.


    You are all in my thoughts. What a terrible loss for so many... Bless you.


    Thank you for this, Stacy. You said it so well.

    The world is not the same without Cindy.


    What a very sad story. My brother committed suicide. He had invited my mother to the party at his place the night he died, but she hadn't accepted the invitation. Do I think he would still be here if she had gone? I don't know. Maybe he would have killed himself a week later. Or maybe he'd still be alive today. I suspect one reason Cindy couldn't parent her daughter according to her family member is because she was fragile like this. She left one son, who is to say she wouldn't have left the son and the daughter if she hadn't made an adoption plan. Or even if she had remained included in the adoptive family. No one knows. Having depression in my family, I know small things can unhinge a mind (a missed phone call, a card with grainy pictures), but also, even the most wonderful things in a time of depression are discounted and fail to raise spirits and love of life. To blame Cindy's daughter's adoptive parents is very sad, though an understandable reflex. Did they adopt in order to "use her as an experiment" to write a book? Very very unlikely. Did they write about their experience and hope to help others? Very likely. Do people lie and betray promises in adoption? Yes, as they do in marriage, parenting, friendship. Is that a horrid despicable thing? Yes it is. I would not condone reneging on agreements with birth parents. Do some birth parents become stalkers? I am sure they do, as do ex-husbands etc. Anyways, I am so sorry for Cindy, her friends and family, having lost my dear brother. May she rest in peace, and may her friends find peace among each other.

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