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    Okay, that is just sick and wrong. Period.

    Have you watched Saved yet? Rent it. Watch it. Laugh.

    I used to work with a grown up Hillary Fay, one of the characters. Man, was she annoying.



    Actually, in a recently published study, teens who did the "purity" or "promise" route were MORE likely to have sex, have it unprotected and end up pregnant/with an STD. Yes, abstinence is great, but information and education are the ONLY ways to protect your kids.

    My personal feeling is that if you, as a parent, keep information from your kids because "if they don't know about it they won't do it" rather than educate them and trust that you've done a good job instilling a moral compass ... then something's off with the parent, not the kid.

    OK. Off the soapbox now. ;)


    I came across this while doing a web search in preparation for my daughter's purity ceremony. She just turned 16, and she ASKED for this - no one else in our church has done it yet.

    I saw the same study referenced above. The kids in the study actually got more STD's because they got involved in things like oral sex - thinking that didn't "count" (wonder where they get THAT idea?). I asked my daughter what she thought about that, and she said that she saw all of that behavior as sex, and she planned to stay away from it. And with her strength of character, I believe she will.

    I am soon to celebrate my 25th anniversary. Tonight my husband and I were reflecting on all the benefits we enjoy in this relationship - lack of jealousy and suspicion, intimacy on a very deep level.... We both agreed that people who have opted out of a mutually faithful relationship will never know what they are missing. My daughter has watched this, and wants it for herself. Three cheers for her.

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