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    Hi! Did you check ? They have lots of totes and are pretty resonable. You might not be able to get them all blue without buying a bunch of sets but they have fun neon and other choices too! Good luck!


    Re: the totes: No, they won't notice or care. Which, really, could make your life a LOT easier.

    Re: the book: looking at the drawings, I swear I had that book as a child. Now, maybe that's a comfort to you or maybe that's what will trigger you taking the sucker out to the woodpile and burning it into little, teeny ashes, but there you go. Heh.


    Well, McKenzie has been raised the right way and SHE won't protest... besides, I thought up a nifty way to paint them blue and put the kids names on them, which will look better on natural canvas, anyway.

    And regarding the book: Let the bonfire begin!

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