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    I'm glad.

    Keep fighting, Stacy. Your light is important in this world!


    -"I keep waiting for the people closest to me to finally say, "I've had it. I can't DO this anymore, you're on your own. You are not worth the extra effort it takes to have you in my life".

    Isn't that a fucker that try as you might, you can't shake off that feeling of -they'll get fed up soon enough...
    I've spent the first 9 years of my 13 year relationship with my husband that way. Test test testing him. He's still here. THANK GOD.


    Well, huh. ... Couple of things:

    On a loving note:
    As a fellow General in this war, I and my troops are always available to help shore up your defenses whenever and however needed.

    On an exasperated-mother-like, yet-strangely light(er) note:
    :::Hand reaches through Internet and smacks you across the top of the head::::
    What? What?? You're not a stupid girl! What's with this "You are not worth the extra effort blah-blah-blahcakes" crap?? Didn't I teach you better than that? Believe me, I've had *plenty* of those not worth the extra effort in my life. They're annoying. You're not annoying. I also don't keep them around anymore. You? You're still here (thanks be to God). So no more of that, OK?

    Seriously, babe, you are one of the most amazing, fantastic, sprititually honest people I've had the honor to know, and I love you. Keep your chin up, and if that's too much, I'll come hold it for you.


    For someone who suffers from depression, you seem to have a healthy attitude towards it. Instead of being in denial, you seem to tackle it head-on. That's great, Stacy. Wishing you all the best during your current battle.



    You have gum on your shoe.

    The gum

    Oh, and Andie recommends listening to Britney's "Lucky".... she says it makes her feel happy when she's sad. She also told me to tell you that she hopes you feel better REALLY SOON!

    Sain't Christopher

    One of the sure signs of depression is the acquired awe for Dido lyrics.


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