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    « We went to dinner at 'On the Border' last night and all I got was this lousy fucking hangover and I wouldn't have come to work at all except I drunk-dialed a co-worker last night so I can't pull the old "sinus problems" excuse | Main | "Damn, it's hot out here" »



    Love the visual I'm getting here...I feel like I was in the car with you. You have now officially cracked me up!


    Loved the story! Tim was the same way. When Erin was three, one day she flicked off his bath towel and yells "Daddy has a tail." I still laugh when I think about his expression and how flustered he got.


    Ok, randomly popped in on your blog. Too funny! Makes me (really, I have to now) share a story that happened to my friend...

    Mom is showering with her little girl (3 years old - tops). Mom's boobs are pretty worn out after pregnancy and nursing and whatnot. In the shower little girl asks, "Mommy, why are your boobs so long?". Ouch. Not sure showering with my kids is in my future. I couldn't take the verbal abuse!


    Hahahahahaa! Very funny. The wife and I were just talking about this recently. Maybe it's a guy thing but having this whole conversation is frightening. I'm with your husband.

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