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    Tina B.

    Oh man does that ever suck! I was always wondering how that worked when you ponied up to pay for a membership. Now I know and won't do it--EVER.

    Is there a way for you to get a refund?

    PS--I love your blog!


    I invite you to revist the horror and dread I felt at my 20 year reunion. My blog has a whole category devoted just to it!

    Actually, all the snotty cheerleader types, well, ain't much changed there!

    The woman who organized the whole shebang wasn't even there. She had a breast reduction and had an infection.

    You can't make that type of shit up.

    What the hell are you doing listening to Foreigner and Journey for? Was that like, on purpose?



    I think classmates does send an email to the person telling them there is an email waiting for them--so it doesn't suck completely. They just want people to come into the site so they can sell them more stuff.

    Besides--why are you on classmates..I think people only use that to try to date old flames. (And to see if the people they hated have sucky lives)


    Quit cracking me up!!! I applaud your decision to play Foreigner. I used to LOVE them. A much better choice than say, Fifty Cent or any of that other Rap Crap.


    Oh, man. Those pop-ups ARE tricky.

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