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    Nate. NateNateNate. That boy has left the building. And it's a good thing too because I think many of us wanted to kill him when he told his pregnant wife, the one who had brought HIS child to the hospital, that they were done. Ouch! And then he had the nerve to say they'd discuss child custody? Oh my god. That's your kid, homie. Handle your business yourself. Well, that's what I was thinking and then . . . uh . . . he was gone so it was a moot point.

    No more tension headaches, Stacy. It's bad enough that I'm waking up with them too. I have high blood pressure so you know these headaches are not a good sign. Well, August 4th is just around the corner (this is a reference to something in my blog). Hang on, Stacy, and I will too.


    At least you are "waking up" which implys that you actually got some is too stressful. Can't anything be easy? Just one thing? No? Damn, wheres my chardonnay?


    Don't worry Stac, we'll get through it. We'll sit down and go through all your options and in a few months everything will be in the right place. You are making the right decision.

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