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    Brian Setzer and his Orchestra just put out a new Xmas CD; we're seeing them live at the House of Blues next month. Should be a gas.


    Good to know about Diana Krall. I almost bought that CD.

    We have very similar taste is xmas music...I LOVE Charlie Brown Christmas, and I bought the James Taylor CD last year (and I had to go to three different Hallmark stores to find it, how's that for dorky?)


    Check out Leroy Jones - "Wonderful Christmas"....its so incredibly beautiful...its all brass and just is everything Christmas music should be.

    While your at LOuisiana Music Factory ordering that, also order Theresa Andersson's "Peace Stories"
    Brian Setzer Orchestra is also alot of fun. Saw them live at the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting a few years ago.

    I'm not a country music fan, but Lee Ann Womack has some pretty songs on her CD

    And no Christmas music collection would be complete without Harry Connick Jr's "When My Heart Finds Christmas". If you dig that than also grab his "Harry For The Holidays"

    I'm a Christmas Music whore...I have more Christmas CD's than should be allowed. But I wont listen to any of them until Thanksgiving. Its a rule.

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