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    Wow, you're really thinking about going?! The thought of going back to my high school after 20 years, and actually "reconnecting" with my roots, was too much for me to handle. Some day, I may need to face that grim reality, but I think I can probably put it off another 20 years!!


    A perpetual state of drunkeness is always welcome in that scenario, I always say. May the force be with you, Stacy!


    Does a Super 8 have meeting rooms? Or a bar? Or ... anything?? Wow.


    Are you going to go? I'm Class of '87. I still have a little while to decide whether I'm going to attend our reunion. I'm worried that there might not be ENOUGH alcohol there to make me enjoy the thing. Keep us posted!


    Go,drink,ridicule.Have Danny wear a nametag of someone who doesn't show up and watch people pretend to remember him (this happened at my reunion...hysterical!)



    My ten year is at a local dive bar. They're charging $25 per person for hors d'oeuvres only- cash bar.

    We can't beat the Super 8 though.


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