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    Hated high school. Have no interest in revisiting anything about it even though I have held up quite well over the years. But, frankly, I'm no longer the kid I was then. Neither are those people. I had no interest in them then. I have no interest in them now. However, I'll bitch slap anyone who you tell me is mean to you if you go to your reunion. That's a promise.

    Sain't Christopher

    Went home for the 20th. That night I drove right past the hotel and instead had pizza with my family. Best move ever!

    Fuck 'em.


    I think the Saint's right---Fuck 'em. It's my 20th reunion this year too, and I have no interest in going back and seeing everyone again. I so don't blame you for not wanting to subject yourself to that immature crap again. Not worth it. You've moved on and are a much better person for it, I would guess.

    Oh, and GREAT post. I used to LOVE My So-Called Life and Angela's vulnerability. I thought the acting (yes, including Jared Leto) was really good.


    You know, either you're a reunion person, or you're not. I'm very happy to be a "not", but you never know, it might be fun.... "not".


    Skipped my ten year. Have no desire to relive that awkwardness.

    Kids can be so cruel.

    I just started grad classes in middle school education and he made every one of us share our middle school experiences. One poor girl started crying when she thought about it. I'd never want to go back.

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