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    So sorry. Although now I am grandparent-less, I consider myself lucky in that I grea up with one grandfather, two grandmothers and two great-grandmothers. I don't know many people my age who still have their grandparents around or who had them around as long as I did. I cherish those times and the fact that they got to see my children.

    I lost my grandfather and my one remaining grandmother within a year of each other. There is such a void in my life. My grandfather lingered on for years in a nursing home .It was horrible seeing him reduced to that. My grandmother went quickly(lung cancer). My mom and her sister and brother stayed with her from the day of diagnosis until she died. They laughed and cried for those two months. Sending you strength to get through this with your grandparents.


    Ahh I so hear you. My grandmother is, in many ways, my "mom". And I am losing her - not to death, but to dementia. Its such an intangible loss. And what was once the "far away future" is here. The planning, the decisions, the fights about care. And its rough.

    Many hugs!



    I'm not sure how I missed this entry until now, but babe ... I'm SO sorry. I can't say I've been in this exact situation, but as you well know, I had to face this epiphany eight years ago. And it hurt like hell. And I couldn't have stood it if not for friends, especially you. You were completely there when I needed you, and I hope you know down in your bones that I will return the favor.

    Love you.

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