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    Ha ha! The great lakes. Warm and warmer I do assure you. When I was Sweet Pea's age I went swimming in the North Sea off the beach at Blackpool. One hundred and fifty nautical miles north of there that same body of water is called the Arctic Ocean. So of course true to form 150 nautical miles South of the Arctic Ocean is a bunch of English Mothers saying "Go on! get in there lad (or lass) don't be afraid! It's only cold for a minute." Meanwhile offshore on the oil rigs there are half hourly warnings ringing out to the workers to say: "Be safe! Don't fall into the water! You won't last five minutes in that water!".

    "Go on in love, you won't get another chance until next year when we come back here on holiday...". (I'm quite sure they were trying to do away with us!).

    - Martin

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