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    If you're not careful, they're going to put you in charge of organizing the next one!

    Steve (the valedictorian)

    Stacy, have no fear, you are one of the most unique people I know... and have always enjoyed being with. Yes, there have been a few dramatic moments here and there (let's face it, we all have our talents!), but you have always made me laugh, think, and push myself to have my own point of view. I will miss you in MI, but PROMISE to bring back some good dirt!

    BTW, did we really have to see a picture of Pat McCabe in his boxers??

    Sain't Christopher

    And while you're at it, wish for a pony. Sweetpea would like that.

    There's another aspect to this I don't think you've covered. Dozens of people I know have told me that their return trip for a reunion is an exercise in listening. That's 'cause the people who stayed there, they are so busy validating their life that they have no interest in hearing about you and your life away from the womb.

    Seriously. One friend told me that she went the whole four hours never once being asked what is was like to live away from Spitcurl . . . but there was a surplus of prejudged superiority in the form of "Well, it might not be Frisco but . . ."

    Welcome back from your trip. Now, where's my photo of you knacking on Lisa?

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