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    How about a blank card with a manly picture of something he's interested in (sailboat? fishing? Nascar? beer?) on the outside and a simple note on the inside: Happy Father's Day. Thinking of you. Love, S.


    Alternatively, you could just forget to send him a card every year... works for me and then there's no guilt (except when people like you remind me that I'm supposed to send him a card). Hmmm, looking deep inside for guilty feelings..... nope, nothing. Well, looks like I'm OK for another year!


    Stacy, I too, have had the same dilemma come every Father's Day and have had the same experiences with card selection. IT SUCKS. I hope you managed to find one that you feel comfortable with, and that you, your husband and Sweet Pea have a wonderful Father's Day.


    my father was abusive. So the syrupy ones do not fir and the sarcastic ones upset my mother. It's always a coin toss.

    Steve dad wasn't the best either. Parents divorced when I was 10, he was in the Navy, and then he was gone. He did keep in touch with writing and calling every so often. And I'd go see him in the summer. But he wasn't there. No fatherly advice about my teen years...not much of a connection. So buying that 'What is a Father' card just isn't me. As someone else suggested--go for the funny card or go for the blank one.

    While I am now divorced, my daughter was almost 2 at the time so she won't remember the jolting and ripping of the family. And I've vowed not to move away. I see her 1/3 to 40% of the time...I hope one day 20 years from now she isn't thinking--should I get the blank one?


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