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    Know this one Stac?...

    today, another fantastic day and now it is time to say
    good bananas...
    good noodles...

    We watch it all the time. Harrison just loves it.

    Of course, I have many comments about the shows...Kipper the Jazz dog (boring), Caiou (gay boy)...

    Have you seen Hi-5...yah some pretty funny stuff there, too.


    I'm not going to give you grief about how much kids' TV Sweet Pea is watching... I'm going to give you grief about how much kids' TV YOU are watching!!


    I have to agree with you except for a couple of things:

    I'm strangely fascinated by Oobi.

    LAZY TOWN!!! (Go, go, go get 'em Lazy Town! It's the start of a brand-new day!) We know all the songs. ALL of them.

    Cannot stand Max and Ruby. He's supposed to be three? No three-year-old I know talks like that -- and when Sugarsmack does it, it drives me batshit crazy. Gah!

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