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    If you've never read the book, quite frankly, you won't be disappointed. I think it's also a good "summertime" read. Mmyes. I'm so glad I finally picked it up. (As a side-but-not-really-side note, it's not a direct adoption story but I really can't say more without giving away the main content of the book. Just read it! It's now a favorite of mine and I'm buying it for my personal library.)

    That said, the context of the book explains the words used but, as I said once (or twice?) in the comment string of the initial post, semantics really don't mean a lot to children, teenagers or even adults who are desperately trying to make sense of a situation. If my daughter uses the words "gave up," I'm just going to have to swallow my pride and answer the question as she's asked it. Now, what isn't an issue of wording is whether or not she was loved: she was and always will be. Yet, do I expect her to question that love at some point in time? Definitely. Gosh, I questioned my own (biological and parented) mother's love numerous times as I was growing up... and though it's plain to me now why she did and said things in certain ways while I was growing up, at the time, I was certain it was because I was unwanted in some fashion.

    THAT said, I think that your words, in your final paragraph, hit nails on all appropriate heads. Being a grown-up is hard. (Straight up!) As a child (if she's asking this as a child), you don't really "get" that because you think that adults have everything put together. I know that's something I personally struggled with concerning my mom. And, I think, when it comes down to it, even those of us (birth parents) who have regret or wish we would have done something different or just straight up had no choice (i.e., the Baby Scoop Era on the latter), we all really were just trying to do the best we could at the time. *ponders more*

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    Stacy, you are amazing.

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