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    I can't write it because I'm afraid to see it!!!! (Jessica went and saw it last night. I anxiously await her verdict.)


    When the topic is something as complex as adoption, I think it's normal to wish it were handled in a way that shines some light rather than promotes stereotypes.

    But on the other hand, movies are about fun and fiction more than education of the masses. Can we really make it Hollywood's job speak for us? I guess not.

    I though the movie would push all sorts of buttons for me but mostly I just found myself carried away by


    well, that didn't work out too well, my comment posted mid sentence, prior to editing.


    I think I would have been triggered by it, but.... I often wonder how other groups react to media that trivializes their experience.

    Outside the adoption world, I've heard nothing but good things about this movie.

    I'd like to see it and form my own opinion, but I'm not sure if I could handle it right now.

    One good thing is that I hear the character Juno is really likeable which will hopefully help take away some of the crazy birthmother stigma.

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