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    Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

    Oh man. I woulnd't even have known what to do!


    You didn't fail Sweet Pea in any way. Stop that right now! You're not the Amazing Kreskin, how could you have known?

    You did exactly the right thing in going to the counselor. Obivously, there is something amiss in that household that needs to be addressed. You may have just saved a child.

    Elaine Benfield

    You did not fail as a parent. You are such an amazing mother and you could have never known that was going to happen. You protect your daughter and give her a LOVING and safe home. She will be fine and she will love and respect you for everything you've done for her.


    Nice job. You didn't fail anyone - you just wish you could save them both...a whole different feeling.


    Stacy, there needs to be the recognition of doing the right thing - Sweet Pea TOLD you! That is so all about you and your relationship with her... You told the proper authorities, also the right thing, you will get Sweet Pea anything she needs to work through this and all other things in her life.

    Sounds like a homerun there, not a strike out, my dear...


    I'm so sorry this happened.

    Just know, you handled it well.


    Repeating everyone else: YOU DID NOT FAIL. Nor did you fail Sweet Pea. And yeah, you may have done something that, oh, Neighborgirl's MOTHER should have done, which is protect HER.

    Oh, and for why you didn't intuit what was happening above you? You're not psychic or omniscient, babe. There was no way for you to know unless, Sweet Pea told you, which she did. Sounds to me like you're still doing a kick-ass job of parenting your child. :)

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