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    What she doesn't explain is this. We are a 3 person household with different peanut butter tastes. The baby and I like creamy, whereas Stacy likes crunchy. Peanut and I eat more peanut butter than Stacy, so we need more around. Also, I refer you to the above picture. Two of the jars are "specialty flavors": honey, and extra smooth whipped, which I got buy-one-get-one-free at Publix in an effort to change up our peanut butter routine a little.


    At least it's Peter Pan peanut butter.

    Crunchy Peter Pan rocks.


    At least DJ knows there are different types of p'nut butter. I bought a jar of Smucker's Natural last trip to the store instead of the smoosh-the-peanuts-yourself-in-the-cool-grinder-machine kind we usually get (same thing but cheaper!). Next day, standing in the pantry, husband yells, "Honey, I thought you got some peanut butter!"

    "I did."
    "Right there."
    "Right. There."
    "There is NO peanut butter in here."
    "Yes, there is. It's right there in front of you."
    "No. It's. Not."
    "Yes. It. Is."
    "Well, I don't see any!"
    "Oh for sweet God's sake... RIGHT. THERE."

    Just because it didn't look exactly the same, he really didn't see it.

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