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    OK, I'm all for being a good seize-the-morale-high-ground Dem, but I was just watching Palin at the RNC and she is scaring the hell out of me. We need to take her down with everything we have. If it means reminding everyone that she was back to work 3 days after giving birth to Trig, running for VP when it meant potentially devastating Bristol, and supporting an anti-American Alaska Independence party, then so be it...... seriously..... have you heard this woman?!


    I saw the same speech and thought she was amazing.


    WOO HOO!! I got a shout-out on SoS!! :)

    OK, back to the topic: I heard, like, five minutes of the speech (Stu was listening to use it in class discussion, natch) and the hockey mom/pit bull joke cracked me up. I think she's someone I'd like to have a beer with and probably would like on some levels, but her politics and mine don't add up. And may I just say that because I have a son with Down syndrome and she has a son with Down syndrome DOES NOT MEAN I WILL AUTOMATICALLY VOTE FOR HER. Thanks. I needed to get that off my chest before I ripped off someone's leg and beat them to death with it for being stupid.

    I think Bristol would have caught hell whether or not Palin was running for VP. She's a governor's daughter, so someone would have had a field day with her pregnancy regardless.

    I'll be interested to read a text of Palin's speech and one of Biden's to compare/contrast them. Ditto for McCain and Obama. ... OK, raise your hands: Who can tell I'm married to an English teacher??

    Love you Stace!


    The AP did a great article, pointing out all the lies she told in the speech. So obviously, the speechwriter didn't vet her too well, either.

    I am not convinced that Trig is hers. I think he's Bristol's. That would explain why Bristol had the world's longest case of Mono, why her boobs are so big right now (post partum and breastfeeding) ane why the hockey stud looked like he was going to poo himself onstage last night. Also explains why Sara never looked pregnant with Trig, why it's always Bristol minding the baby.

    I feel so badly for Bristol. I hope she got the number of the bus her mom threw her under. Oh wait, it's the RNC bus!

    And Cindy McCain. OMG, call the Cryptkeeper to come get her and put her away.



    someone's got a crush on miss alaska (stacy and sarah, sittin' in a tree...)

    did anyone else notice that the theme from "dallas" was playing under mccain's biographical video?

    thank god you're back. i've had nothing to look at but porn for 3 months.

    Steve B

    Wrong answer.

    This whole convention -- except McCain's speech -- was Rovian. Wed night was just plain ugly. What a bunch of cynical demaning asshats.

    Yesterday I posted somewhere that I used to support McCain. I would have voted for him in the 2000 primary before Bush/Rover skewered him with their sleazy ways.

    So yesterday I'm thinking that they are talking about this great man with honor--and oh, by the way, he was a POW if you didn't know that. So he's honorable, maverack, bi-partisan...and then they just turn on Obama and just go deep their utter disdain for him.

    So then McCain comes on and talks about how we have to take a new path, bring parties together, clean up washington and that he respected Obama.

    Uh...sir, you are incharge of the convention--you control the whole thing basically--and you showed no respect. So to say you do now just rubbed me the wrong way.

    Palin is as far to the right as you can get -- anti-choice, creationist, heavily evangelical (event hints @ end times kind of bunk), etc...

    So McCain picked the only woman who would appease the Dobson wing of the pary and not turn into a floor fight

    Yea---independent, maverick, and kissing the ass of the bush/rove side of the party...



    Actually Mike Duncan, as chairman of the RNC, is in charge of the convention. McCain is only a "guest" of the convention and doesn't take party leadership until afterward.

    Steve B

    Yea, right. The RNC runs the whole thing and McCain is "just" a guest. While that might be the "official" setup--you think the nominee of the party is going to let them just put speakers up there and say anything they want? No--that isn't the way it works. The nominee is in charge of the messaging, spin, talking points, and overall strategy. The RNC officially pays for it.

    When it was apparent that Obama was the nominee what happened? They moved the DNC HQ to Chicago and announced that they would no longer accept lobbyist/pac type of money? They didn't wait till the convention.


    I look at it this way...

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